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01 August 2005 @ 12:20 pm
News about Ville and Jonna from Finland  

This is about Ville so I will add it here. Ville spoke to theb press about the engagement and this is what he said....Credit goes to "Miriam, Radio Interview from 01.08.05" http://comments.fotki.com/Jonnaluvv/

Ville is in Germany right now and he just gave an live interview 5 minutes ago at Cologne's "Eins Live radio", they asked him if he is so good looking and healthy because of his love and the engagement and he ignored the whole question and just said ,
"Im happy because the album is coming out and lots of activites with the band on so on and ancious on how its gonna be with the songs ."
The interviewer was surprised and said, "oh he ignored the question cleverly".
Then he asked again and Ville said "no specific marriage plans no kids he wants cause on tour would be too hard to be a good father anyway and we will see how long the girl can stand to stay at my side anyway."
So he asked about the engagement tattos and Ville said, "oh thats just a Tommi Lee and Pamela Anderson kind of engagement tradition thing."


Jonna did a Very IN DEPTH interview talking about Ville. They have been engaged for a very a long time before Ruisrock.  I mean if people hate her already, this interview will have people hate her even more because she goes in depth about her personal life with Ville... She even did a photo spread......... All in the cut plus pictures...





These Translations are from Tiina. I copied it straight from her site.


Jonna's mother was 17 years old when she get married. First born Jonna and then little brother. Jonna's father has 3 sons with his new wife. The youngest son is one and half years old. Jonna's mother has 7 years old daughter with her new husband.
"I love my little sister and brothers enormously. Mom and dad have always been my real parents, but because they are so young we are more like friends."

Jonna's mother works as a therapist. Jonna would like to study therapist of children too. She would love to help children. "Mother Amma and her message to the world is very important to me. I read her books and I want to take care of ppl like she does. Without any selfishness."



Ville was the final reason for Jonna to move back to Finland from New York. Another reason was the advantageous health service in Finland. "In New York I had to pay several hundreds dollars for doctors every week. Pollution and air-condition in N.Y. made my asthma worse. I was so sick that I had to breathe with machine." Now in Finland Jonna's health has got better. But she still has her asthma-pipe with her everywhere.

"I had to stop smoking because of my asthma. Nowadays I smoke only when I'm in a bar. I just like to smoke with drinking. I know it's not wise."

Mags told about their engagement in the middle of july. "To be honest, we have been engaged for long time. We just took our engagement-tattoos only at Ruisrock. And it's not DILLIGAF", Jonna tells and shows her ring finger. There is a beautiful V -tattoo. And Ville has a J -tattoo on his ring finger. "I have 11 tattoos. They are just a piece of skin."

Jonna doesn't want to have a permanent job. Not even on tv. She just works as a waitress and model for now and then. "I want to be able to go with Ville to tour. But I'm not going to go to every conceert with him."



There is an article of Jonna on Iltalehti. I hope someone is able to translate it. I can't translate it word to word. I just can't find correct English words..

There are some points:

- Abroad ppl guess that Ville and Jonna are brother and sister. Their mothers think too that they look very similar.
- Her handshake is strong.
- Jonna says that Ville and her want to have children, but they have no hurry. Ville is only 28 and Jonna 25 years old.
- "I just have an awful scare of delivery. How can I handle it? Maybe it disappears along with pregnancy. But anyway, they will get the baby out somehow, wont they?"
- "I'm very proud of Ville. Sometimes I think what kind of feelings he has. Before the concert he is so nervous that he can't even talk."



I was surprised when I saw this article on Iltasanomat. When mags told about t


"In Finland we just lie at home and watch dvd's and meet our friends. Ville is a chef in our home. He makes wonderful oriental food."

Jonna can't have Ville to the swimstadion with her. Jonna likes water walking with her styrox-belt.

On countryside they like to lie naked. "Two weeks ago I fell a sleep under the sun and now I have a tan without any lines.", she laughs.


Jonna tells that Ville is a pretty normal guy at home and he cooks excellent oriental food.




This next translations IS NOT ftrom Tiina but from:



You can see it on this site: http://public.fotki.com/Jonnaluvv/jonna/engage-1.html

the new interview Jonna did is awful, just when eveything calms down about this engagement, then all the exictment go to the new HIM album. She does this interview talking about her and Ville sunbathing nude-no one wants to know that!
I mean hell if you want to talk about yourself and boyfriend go a head, but some of the sh*t she shouldn't have say like- "I never think of Ville as the Ville Valo from HIM who's already, before the age of 30, earned so much money with his music that he's never has to work again to live a normal life."
Why would u say that, or even talk about his money, its not her place to,"so much money" it makes her seem like shes just w/him for the money, or this one " - I consider Ville to be normal guy. All the fans and stuff seem really weird for me!" If its so weird for her than why does for her than why does she take photos w/ HIM fans?

I don't see Tiina saying that quote about Jonna but Ajaia said it so it's there. So if Tiina see's this, I didn't say you said, Ajaia said it.   

Two more pics here



I have no personal opinion about it and people here know what I feel about it so why stress it more. I'm just the messenger :)


Ville pics



raven_harlow on August 1st, 2005 06:07 pm (UTC)
Oh it will happen. There is a reason why BMG kept Susanna private. Record Sales and Ville's fanbase. Don't you see the music buisness is a buisness of image and fantasy too together with the love of music of course.....I have no idea what Sire Records is doing....but usually in Europe from my understanding famous musicians keep their girlfriend's private and very behind the scenes. It's all about Records sales. Maybe HIM will do find whoch I hope and pray anyway, but being that all this is going on with Jonna, alot of people are disgusted and repulsed by it.
forkmeupforkmeup on August 1st, 2005 06:08 pm (UTC)
I definitely agree.
the best thing that you've ever had has gone awayxtheheartlessx on August 1st, 2005 06:36 pm (UTC)
maybe ville and jonna thought that people would accept them for who they are and thought that them getting married and telling interviewers about their personal life wouldnt influence on HIM's music. i dont think you need to hope and pray for them, i dont feel bad for them two. i feel bad for everyone else here that has a problem with his happiness. how pathetic is this that everyone has to freak out about ville's personal life. if ville wasnt happy, i doubt he'd be with her or even engaged to her for that matter. and sorry, i dont mean to sound harsh or affend anyone
raven_harlow on August 1st, 2005 06:46 pm (UTC)
You don't think that interview Jonna did about her personal life with Ville is a little too much? You have a right to have an opinion anyway, but really her interview is just wrong. She's not a celebrity to be selling her story to the Finnish Press. She has nothing to promote. That's what I meant. I think many can agree with that. *LOL*

Nice Icon by the way : )
doctor_torgodoctor_torgo on August 1st, 2005 08:33 pm (UTC)
I agree with a lot you've said raven_harlow. And reading all of these comments got me thinking and I remembered how they would look rather awkward around each other and how the recent one (the one where they showed the J and V tattoos) is the one where they looked the most comfortable. Even still, to me, they (or at least Ville) didn't seem too happy about it.

I don't know, I don't have too much of a point here, except that to me, it doesn't seem like their relationship is all that great. Especially after reading the interview with Jonna.