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21 April 2005 @ 09:49 am
Pictures and Interview  

Interview from 2004 credited to DarkSecretClub.com   and Ajaia who reposted in her MSN group.

Enjoy the pics




"It's a weird trip being 27" Ville Valo interviewed by ©DarkSecret club

Sitting back at his hotel room, in New Jersey Ville Valo picks up the phone and with a certain warmth in his voice greets us. He is up from a long nap at 17:00 in the evening with a fresh mind. He sounds happy and comments on how the US tour was. He does sound relaxed and speaks with enthousiasm about new HIM songs. US is just another step, nothing changes for him. Gladly, he knows nothing on where this trip will lead him...

ello Ville

-Hellow there!

-Its been sometime since we haven’t spoken. It was last Christmas at the Tavastia New Year’s Eve gig ?


-How are you?

-Well..well.i’m good, I’m good. We’re in Jersey now, finishing of the first American tour.Tonight is the last gig here and I’m gonna fly back to Europe in 2 days.

-Are you tired?

-Heh, no I’m all right. It’s been.it’s been. We’ve had a good time! Not too many days off, I’ve had my last days off about like 2 weeks ago.

-So how were the gigs? The tour generally?

-It’s all been really good. Like tonight, in a couple of hours we going on stage for the last time here and I expect it to be really good because so far, like 99% of the shows have been sold out and because Razorblade Romance is the only album officially released over here people would just know songs from that album, but it seems they know all of Love Metal and they know all the Solitary Man and all that new stuff which is off course great for us...

-Do you think now that you managed to understand somehow the whole philosophy behind the American audience, how to approach them? Do you know the formula now?

-We are doing exactly the same of what we’re doing in Europe.

-Really? Because everybody in Europe thinks that the American audience is totally different

-No it’s not. It’s pretty much the same. We’ve been lucky in the position that most of the kids enjoy what we do, you know, clapping their hands and singing along, so it’s been good. It hasn’t been like we thought. We thought that, for example, when we’d play New York for the first time the crowd is going to be really cold, you know..checking us out, you know what I mean, but it was quite the opposite, people were really being like supporting and applauding along and having a really great time, so we are really happy, it was worth the wait !

-Nice. You once said that your dream was to tour in the US and play gigs like the Roxy and The Whiskey. Now that you did that, what’s the next step?

-(Laughs) hmm doing it again probably!

-Heh how many things are there to achieve more?

-Well plenty. There’s always..the more you eat the hungrier you get. So you know..there’s just one thing. My concern now is writing new songs for the new album and figure out what sorts of stuff its going to be, that’s the step for me now. Touring, you know, was..i’m glad we’re having July and August off just to start concentrating on song writing, but I can’t complain, there’s too many places to play... maybe Japan next time !

-How did it feel having this little flashback playing songs from Razorblade Romance, was it like you had to study them all over again? How different does it feel playing the same songs now than back in 2000?

-Well we just brought up again some others. We haven’t done Resurrection in ages, so we’re playing it here,,we’ve been playing Razorblade Kiss every now and then in Europe as well so, we also brought back in the set “Death Is In Love With Us” but the rest are basically the songs we’ve been playing all the time. And we’re doing like.. “Soul On Fire”, “Beyond Redemption” and “Buried Alive By Love” and songs like that here, so it’s not just Razorblade Romance stuff.

-So...during the tour what sorts of things did you do with the guys? Did Gas remember his cowboy stuff and accent again?

-(Laughs!) oh..well..we didn’t go to Dallas..well not much. The guys were partying in Las Vegas when I was working in the studio with one of my friends band in Philadelphia, so I haven’t had so much time off. Last time around was probably like one and a half weeks ago, I had like 2 nights off and was just hanging around.

-heh..I bet a lot of people ask you about smoking restrictions of US gigs. What was that like?

-Well New York was the only place I wasn’t able to smoke on stage! The Roxy was different..

-So was it like a torture or something?

-Not really!! You know, I’ve always been smoking on stage, so it’s just something I’m going to be used to. It sure was weird though, but ok!

Here’s a fan question : Lydia wants to know if you have been working on new material and what should we expect from the future sound of HIM? And how do you plan to work and with who?

-We don’t have any clue about producers or anything like that, or the actual schedule because I’ve got ideas for about 14 songs?


-Yeah..it’s that basically the next album has been written already but I still hadn’t had the time to arrange the songs with the guys, we didn’t have the time to really concentrate on that stuff so it’s really hard to see what it’s gonna end up being.

-Can you somehow describe how does it sound like? Cause back in Tavastia you told us it’s like a mixture of “U2 meet Black Sabbath” or something..

-Well.. I don’t know yet.I’ve got ideas but...but..probably it’s going to be a bit in the vein of the song “And Love Said No” probably a bit more heavier than that, a bit more faster

-So how do you see the vast range of HIM fans right now, spreading from skate fans to goths? Is it different?

-I don’t think about it that much. I think it’s beautiful we have so many different sorts of people liking what we do, so we’re not just part of on scene, so that’s a beautiful thing, so like it never crossed you that Black Sabbath were really part of just one specific scene. There are plenty of sorts of people who appreciate what Black Sabbath have done, so we could hopefully be...if not in the same sort of level, appreciated by different people so its not just being a goth band, or being a skater band or being a rock band or being a whatever band..heh.

-So judging from today, how do you see yourself, let’s just say in 5 years from today? You think about family or anything like that?

-haha It’s hard to say..things have changed so fast. I don’t know, in 5 years hopefully we’ll have 2 more albums released by HIM...


-Personally, I just hope I won’t be suffering from writers’ block. Five years is such a fuckin long time! We’ve been doing this with the band for such a long time now and the band it’s such a big part of my life, it’s very personal as well. So it’s hard to say. We’ve done so many things cause from 99 to 2004- that’s five years today- and we’ve had Razorblade Romance, Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights, Love Metal and a compilation album, the first US tour and our first successful UK tour and our first tour in Southern Europe, including your beautiful country, so there’s been so many things going on it’s hard to say I’m not expecting anything to happen.

-Again on the personal level, is there still a feeling, a dream that you evoke when you feel sometimes sorrow? Is there something that always comforts you? Like your family ?


Well...i actually don’t think about life in that way. I love melancholic music but in that way that doesn’t mean I am super miserable! So I keep on doing what I know how to do best..that’s all!

-Another fan question. A fan says that there is a certain myth today for Ville Valo, like there was for Jim Morrison, Curt Cobain and Jimmy Hendrix...do you identify with the “Live fast, Die young” motto of the “American Dream” ?

-Oh no, it’s just that some people are really prolific like Neil Young for example, he did a couple of his best albums in a couple of years, same with Black Sabbath and stuff like that, it’s all about creativity and once you plug or unplug your creativity off there and let it flow. If you check out lots of careers by bands or writers or whatever they usually do their best work within a couple of years and the rest is for their means not to die, so its usually one way or they other. So no, I’ve never been a fan of dying young , it would be cool to survive until one age that I’ll be still able to do music!



-So we’ll see you in a couple of weeks in Rockwave Festival in Greece. Do you know that you’re sharing the same stage with Placebo?

-Ah cool! I’ve never seen them live! I really like their latest album!

-Yes, it’s like the first time these two bands play in the same fest or anywhere?

-We were in one festival in Germany I think. Yeah...but that was a long time ago, that was like in the beggining of our career, and they had really big hit with “Nancy Boy”.

-Both bands in Greece are very famous. What do you think of Placebo generally?

-Well, I didn’t like their previous stuff so much, but one friend introduced me to “Sleeping With Ghosts”, I like that album a lot, it’s a good album. It’s funny because some journalist or whoever tried to create like a battle between the bands...

-Actually the same is going on in Greece too, yeah..

-Yeah but that was like. I said something as a joke back in Germany like “that whinnying (κλαψιαρης) little bastard” about Brian Molko and he heard about it!

-You said something about his voice..

-Probably probably yeah!

-That he sounds like Mickey Mouse! Laughs

-Laughs! But he sounds like Mickey Mouse, so do I, I sound like a fuckin cow !

You know, its like somebody tried to enhance that battle as well, to make it bigger than it really was..i’ve never had any problems with the band..but..it’s just that , you know, it’s cool to have a bit of a verbal fighting every now and then ! Laughs!



You gave an interview for Rock+Roll magazine some months ago and it was the first time that you ever talked about going solo, about a solo career in the future. Are thinking about that, seriously?

-Well not seriously. The idea was like, for example, during the past 4 years I’ve been writing lots of acoustic stuff, but that’s sort of what HIM does, so..maybe one day... I don’t know, but usually all, even the acoustic stuff I tend to write they end up one way or the other mutating into the stuff we do with HIM. Cause, you know, all songs, anyway, 99% of the songs are mine, so it’s pretty hard for me to like separate HIM from any of the songs I do.

-So, do you still feel like you still have to take a break to realise what the hell is going on with HIM right now?

-Yeah, I need a break to be able to write new songs and see where they’re going because that’s the only thing I’m good at and that’s the thing which keeps me going and because we’ve been on tour for such a long time, you know, there hasn’t been time to really concentrate on working out songs. And that’s the thing that makes me really happy. I don’t love touring. Touring can be fun but it can be really stressful.

-So it’s been like 4 years of touring now or something?

-No, we’ve had our breaks in between, but you know, for me it’s impossible to write on tour, I can have like a couple of basic ideas but there’s so many things going on that it’s impossible to really work on.

-In recent Metal Hammer issue in the UK , you said that “ they’re just not many bands you can fall in love with anymore” I mean, what are those bands for you, that you’re still in love with or new ones?

-Well, the stuff that Queens of The Stone Age do. Well..Queens of the Stone Age, Monster Magnet, Type O Negative..what else? There’s not many bands with character, you know, let’s say for example bands like Linkin Par, they do their stuff really well and they got a couple of really beautiful melodic rock songs and they work perfectly but they’re not ...

-It’s their philosophy

-Yes, as characters, for me personally, they’re not interesting. So there’s a few, and then again there’s like interesting people such like Marilyn Manson, but unfortunately their music doesn’t touch ME. On a personal level, so in that sense it seems that most of the bands are too extroverted or then they’re too boring. There is nothing in between.



-What do you think about Bam? Is he like a friend you share the same philosophy with? Cause we have the chance to talk to him frequently for some club issues

-Oh no. It’s friendship. I don’t know what Bam’s philosophy is, you know, he’s a young guy..he’s doing totally different sorts of stuff from what I’m doing, so let’s say this friendship is based on the extreme differences of our lives, you know, he’s a different dude and I’m a different dude.

-That’s the interesting part.

-That gives ideas for a lot of conversations.

-So last question for this part. What do you think and what do you know about our fanclub?

-heh Come on! I’ve seen some work especially in the Lycabettus gig last year and i’ve met some of you and I remember the event that happened last year, was done by you wasn’t it?



-In Athens, right? Oh no..it wasn’t in Athens, somewhere else, wasn’t it? Was It in Athens?

-Which one?

-The one where we were given the guitar.

-That was in Athens yes.

-Yeah, we got the guitar from Athens but you had the party where everybody signed it on.

-That was in Athens yeah.

-Oh that was in Athens too, cool.

-We’re doing it again in like 2 weeks.

-Oh cool! Laughs, Let’s hope you’ll have a great time! That’s cool stuff! It was in our reheashal that we played the guitar.

-Are you using it anywhere?

-Heh Linde used to play it a bit, but we don’t take stuff on tour that much, it gets lost and stuff, a lot. So now Gas has it.

-So a little message for Greek fans and DarkSecret Club?

-Oh yeah!...(shouts!) “DarkSecret Clubbers!”..you know, what can I say to people, it’s a weird trip to be now 27, started out playing music since I was 7 years old and believed in music for all my life and being able to get a record deal when I was pretty young, doing a couple of albums and all of a sudden there’s people from all over the world, especially the DarkSecret Club, damn, for some reason that all believe in what we do ! It’s like a weird thing to happen. I don’t know how to react to it. Off course I’m happy and I’m glad and I’m really proud of it all, but it’s still all a weird thing. I still consider myself of being the same idiot, like playing the same acoustic guitar back home and drinking coffee and hanging out with my friends and drinking beer...

-That’s the beauty of it.

-That’s the weirdness and the beauty of it! I’m still a fan of plenty of bands and go out to see gigs the same as you do, you know, there’s not so much that separates.

A little greeting for DarkSecret Club?

Yeah sure. Ok

“Greetings oh my sweet DarkSecret Club in Greece, my name is Ville, if you didn’t notice by my silly, husky voice...uh...uh...we're going to be there in a couple of weeks and..um...and...um....as what I say always remember to take your earplugs with you because we're trying to....our sound guy is definitely deaf and otherwise your ears is going to be bleeding the next morning, so this is what i strongly recommend ! And be patient with the...um...with the new HIM stuff because that's gonna take a while. I haven't had a break in a year or a year and a half so I am going to prepare myself to be able to create something that is beautiful...you know...for your beautiful ears...thanks"

-ok That’s the end of part one.

-Oh cool!

-We have extra questions that fans from all over Europe, US and other countries have sent

Kostas from Greece wants to know if you ever hear your first and how does that feel?

-I still got one or two copies of it I think, but I never listen to our own music! I like the first EP, you know, there’s a reason for all the albums to be in there, That’s how we sounded at the time and that’s the sort of music we wanted to play at the time. But then, u know, sounds change and musical tastes change. That’s the reason why all our albums sound a bit different.

-You’ve made backing vocals in the last 4 69 Eyes albums but Jyrki was never in a HIM album. You have any plans for any collaboration?

-Well, I think the guyz are back in Helnsiki recording new stuff. I still haven’t heard how it sounds, I understood it’s going to be a bit more heavy, a bit more rock ‘n roll vibe in it. But no, not collaborations, (laughs) not now because I’ve never liked duets...it’s cool singing backing vocals but that’s about it! heh

-How do you feel about each “darkish” Finnish band being compared to HIM nowadays?

-I don’t think whether they are compare to us or not but I think it’s a cool thing people are comparing us with them.

-Do you think musicians loose their individuality because copying you makes it easier to go on?

-I don’t really believe that. There are lots of bands that are compared to us which sound a lot more like Sentenced or Amorphis or bands like that, it’s just that we are a bit more well known outside of the underground in some places that people tend to compare their sound to ours, but you know..but let’s say that when we started out, we sounded exactly like Type O Negative, because you know, through their sound we sort of understood the possibilities of putting down some heavy stuff and melodic stuff at the same time and through just rehearsing and thinking about new ideas is the only way to get to the next level and be more unique...which I don’t think that we do totally sound..but..one day..one day maybe!

-Julien from France wants to know what would you say is the biggest misconception that you think people have about you?

-What’s the biggest misconception? Uh..what could I say..I don’t know any rumours about myself. Misconception..Well, somebody thought that because I was wearing the woollen hat for a long time that was given by a friend, that I had cancer and that I was going through Chemotherapy !That was a pretty funny kind of rumour heh. I’ve heard about it in Europe somewhere! It was pretty funny!

But for other kind of misconceptions no. We are pretty honest in what we do and we don’t wear masks.

-Demi is critical in her question saying that doing a cover of an old song shows a little insecurity in creating new material as good as the old. What do you think?

-I think that’s bullshit ! (laughs but turns to serious). The person asking that particular question should ask his or herself what have they done!

You know, we did Solitary Man, for Johnny Cash as a R.I.P Johhny sort of thing and “thank you for everything you’ve done in your beautiful life” so I consider this as valuable as writing new stuff !

-PoisonAngel wants to know how do you think you will feel in the next years knowing that some people grow but also matured with your music.

-Oh I’ve been doing music since I was like 17. I don’t find it different, (laughs) hopefully there’s going to be people..hopefully we’re gonna be playing stadiums in 30 years like Rolling Stones are doing now and there’s till gonna be a few people who’ve bought our first EP or the first album, there will still going to be around.

-Like those who started listening to you at 15 and now are 20.

-People grow with music but people also grow out of bands, of music, their lifes change... I don’t consider that to be a problem. Our lifes change in the band too and we are trying to create something a bit different than the one we started, and if people like it that’s good, if they don’t ...but we can’t do anything about it because we don’t know what people wanna hear ans we don’t wanna write music for the people, we wanna write at first place for ourselves, you know, be happy with the music, then record an album and hope that people like it, because we are not whores, we can’t ask questions on a webpage and ask what sort of stuff people wanna hear and start writing exactly that sort of stuff. We’re not machines, we’re human beings.

-Probably most favourite HIM album in Greece is “Greatest Lovesongs V.666”. Is it possible to play more songs from it this year in Rockwave Festival? People here even ask for “DarkSecret Love” !

Well. Let’s just say that some of it is becoming boring in some places. There’s just a few people who like it and some of the stuff from the first album is played but with different tuning, due to the guitars are being in totally different tune, that’s what we don’t use anymore, which makes it technically impossible but...i don’t know we haven’t been thinking what we will be playing next. And the thing is that on festivals the time is pretty limited, like an hour and fifteen, it could be ,which means that there’s not so much time or sort of to fool around with the songs and we try to play stuff from all the albums and keep everybody happy so...that’s the reason it’s not that possible.

-Well...keep it in mind !

-Well..i’ll keep it in mind sure ! laughs


-Elizabetta is asking if you would ever turn the lyrics of a fan into a song.

-Oh..well not yet. I find like lyrics are pretty personal. It would be even weird if someone in the band would write lyrics, or even music because it’s like...on the personal level and the emotional level it’s really important that I know what I’m singing about so...I think that’s the magical part of our sound so..i’d say that I’ve been getting some poems and stuff like that from some people and it’s great to read them poems but I still haven’t been in a situation because you writing songs is like writing a diary. It’s really important !

-Have you found a new record label which will allow you to be artistically more free?

-Well not yet. We’re discussing with lots of labels and let’s see what happens.

-Do you still think that your new album should sound more like “U2 meet Black Sabbath” or something?

-I don’t know. I hope it sounds good whatever it might be, so I’m not thinking about it cause the songs are not finished yet, so we are going to work on the songs a bit more and see how they turn out and then we know a bit better what’s gonna happen with their live sound and production.

-Diana wants to know if you are ever going back to Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania since you have so many fans there and haven’t been since 2000.

-We have been thinking about that a year, the only problem is a positive problem, that we seem to have lots of people liking what we’re doing in lots of different places, but the problem is that the world is such a fuckin big place that there’s no time to go everywhere, and we need to do new albums as well we can’t just tour. If we would tour all the places that people would want us to go, we could like one album per 5 years so that’s not good.

-HIMdream is curious on whether you like children and if you would see Ville as a father.

-Ha? I’m pretty young still. I’ve got my time. If I have kids that would mean we would never go to Latvia or Estonia again..if you know what I mean ! laughs! Having a kid takes a lot time and I need a lot of time to work on music and touring takes a lot. Let’s say the equation sounds impossible right now !

-Fans probably worried that now that Linde is a father and all the members would want to be too. Laughs

-If they wanna have kids they can ! laughs

-Thisishell is asking how do you like America and if you would ever consider living there.

-Hm...not necessarily living there. You know, America is a big place and I don’t know shit about it, I’ve just been to some of East Coast and West Coast and being on tour you never get to see so many places. You just see the backstage and the venue and the bus, that’s all. So I haven’t had so much time to go sightseeing but yes, I’ve seen a couple of nice cities, why not living there for a while but it’s like..i’d live in Athens too, I like that city a lot as well. I prefer Finland yes, but me living there all my life makes it a bit boring. But Finland is a great country but still...



-Randomhero is asking. Whats better: a lie that brings a smile or a truth that brings a tear?

-A lie definitely! A lie is good! White lies are always beautiful!

-Mike is asking if you have any titles or ideas on new tracks of your new album?

-Yes off course I do. I’ve got all the titles already but I’m not giving you any of those yet ! laughs That’s a secret because the album is coming out probably in a year or year and a half so its better to keep that secret.

-Cheryl Roberts asks if there is anything in this world you are obsessed with in the same manner that we are obsessed with HIM ?

-I don’t know how obsessed how that particular person is obsessed with what we do but yeah I’m pretty obsessed I think, about music in general. A couple of bands, and relationships as well...normal stuff !

-Last question from Rod. He wants to know what is going to happen with future HIM videos. Is Bam going to be involved ?

-Don’t know yet, don’t know. We did Solitary Man with Bam, and “And Love Said No” which is probably coming out later this year and I don’t know. We still don’t have the record label to work with, I don’t have the next songs finished so it’s all depending on how it’s going to sound. If it’s all going to sound like this or that it might be that we are doing it with Bam, it might be that we are not going to be doing it with Bam, it’s too early to say!

-Weell..that’s all ! Thank you very much Ville and we look forward seeing you in Greece !

-No, thank you guys. Take it easy, I got to start packing my stuff and going to the venue soon so..i’ll see you in a couple of weeks down! See you soon!

-Bye. See you!

Ok, swedes: buy Close-Up. And bear with me, this is a translation made in a hurry, since I have to run off to work soon.

Ville Valo answers fans' questions

- Do you feel any trust (tilltro) to the dark side, or is that just an image?
- I have never thought our image to be dark. We belong on the same page as Black Sabbath, who's members wore black clothes and were serious pigs. We want to wear silly 70's clothing and kinda un-trendy 70's jeans (Ihni comments: the ones that are really big by your feet ... I don't know the word for them), and have long hair and stupid facial hair. If that makes our image dark, I suppose we're dark.

- Read somewhere that your friend Slutifer, singer in Impaled Nazarene, thought that your band sucked. What is your opinion about his, and similar, bands?
- Well I don't consider myself to be a close friend of him, but a friend. I was actually supposed to sing on Impaled Nazarene's latest album (Absence of war does not mean peace, 2001). He wrote a very rough and mean "love song"; "Nyrkillä tapettava huora", about his ex girlfriend and I was supposed to sing the refrain. Unfortunately, that never happened.
I don't mind Impaled Nazareine, it's one of my favourite bands within black metal and I have always loved what they've done. Many years ago me and Linde were always in the front at the gigs, greeting the band with the devil sign.
I didn't know that he had said that, but who cares? Press is press and it's not "cool" for that sort of people to say that they like HIM. I don't think that they love us, it's not about that. We talk from time to time over a few beers and the band played with us in Helsinki on new year's eve last year. We had fun, but maybe we pissed them off by not giving them enough beer backstage, who knows?

- I read that you don't eat meat on tour because if you do, you can't shake your hips. Is that true?
- It's a funny way to say it. The reason to why I don't eat red meat on tour is taht it takes the stomach longer time to digest. I have to eat eight-nine hours before the concert and then it's often a salad. A singer, who sings at the right way, sings from the stomach and it must be space there to breathe. If the stomach is full it's harder to sing well. I don't know if it has anything to do with my hips, I hope not.
Before a gig I get butterflies in my stomach. If I have eaten a big meal then I feel bad. With more than a hundred occations I have thrown up before I go onstage, since I ate two hours ago. It's something I don't like with tour life, that you can't eat, breathe and live like a normal person. Usually we eat at night, which makes us pretty "dark".

- If you were to describe your life with a movie title, which one would it be?
- "Barfly" (1987), the movie that is based on the poet and writer Charles Bukowski's bar experiences. That's the way my life looks, especially when we're on the road. I get to see most bars in the world, I meet the most interesting and incredible persons and I constantly try to avoid getting in fights. It's my tour life in a nutshell.

- You have in several interviews said that you're not christian, and that you don't believe in God, but you go around with a crucifix on a necklace, why?
- I have always loved the religious symbolic language. That's why I use a lot of religious words in my lyrics. The crucifix comes from me collecting stuff. For two years I wore different rosary and I have about a hundred of them at home. It's something that means luck on tour, as a talisman. I always use to wear something like that, but unfortunately the chain broke so now I haven't had a necklace for a while.

- I read in an interview that you declared your apprechiation for Cradle of Filth, and that HIM can imagine doing a black metal album in the future. How do you think the band's fans would react to that?
- With all certainty the fans would abandon us and we'd steal Cradle's and Dimmu Borgir's fans instead. It's a fair trade, I think.
Together with Linde we had a black metal project a long time ago and recorded a demo. We have talked about that all HIM members should do something like that, but call it His Infernal Majesty and go back to the beginning when HIM was called that. There are a couple of nice songs, like "Black candles". It's blastbeat-black metal as it used to sound. Some keyboards here and there, but really raw. Why not? I still like black metal, mostly older stuff since no really good albums have been released lately.

- Does Kaasu make you listen to 80's hardcore?
- He tries. A problem with this gang, especially in the tourbus, has always been that we're all into so different types of music. Gas has a tendency to make the rest of us drink more than we should, and when we're really really drunk and in a vulnerable state of mind we let him put on his Discharge-ish stuff. Some of them I can enjoy, but mostly we just ask him to go to hell and then he has to listen to them in his iPod.

- Are you bisexual?
- No, unfortunately not. We have thought about it in the band and some time in the future we might not be as afraid to experiment with our sexuality as we are today. It would be fabulous in the bus. Everyone would be satisfied and happy. All in the group and the crew haves such an intimate relationship that most marriages don't even come close. But we miss sexual respect for each other, especially since we wash so seldom. Especially Mige is a smelly boy and I would't wanna let him take my virginity. Sorry to disappoint all of you guys.

- How did you come up with the idea of the heartagram?
- The visual have always been important for all classical rockbands that I like. Think of Black Sabbath's logo or what Rob Zombie did to White Zombie and his solo project. I have always appreciated when an artist has a, hopefully simple, visual image who catches the thought behind it all.
I thought that I was just 20 years old, and I was drawing, instinctively, and it turned into a heartagram. A friend fixed it in Photoshop and then it got stuck.
Lately a lot of bands has become very into, not HIM, but the heartagram. I know that people in Killswitch Engage and Bleeding Through have tattooed it. It's crazy how many people who have gotten a heartagram tattoo. It's beyond our control.
The symbol is trademark protected in all of the world. We had to do that, since a guy in the USA was making heartagram belts to earn a lot of money and fool kids to think that we were behind it. The heartagram wasn't even right, the proportions were all wrong. We got really pissed off. But as far as I know that's solved now.

- What is the most personal song you have ever written?
- Wow, they're all pretty personal ... Hmm, the texts I have written lately feels more personal right now, so I'll choose "And love said no". It's about what I have went through the last two years and where I am today.
It's a story about a relationship that didn't work so good. About losing all hope about the future when it comes to love and romance, but in some way find the right person in the end of the tunnel. I have a new girlfriend since september last year. We have known each other for a couple of years. She is a finnish girl who has lived in the States for a few years and recently returned home. The rest is, as they say, history.

- Many people have lately started taking on your style. What do you think about this?
- I don't know them. It's been talk about a few finnish gangs (Charon, for example), who are said to sound like HIM around RR. Most of them don't wanna admit that they're influenced by us, but I don't have problems with that. We have never made a secret out of the fact that our first album was a tribute to Type O Negative. Every band gets an own identity by stealing. Stealing ideas which they like to one day stand on their own two legs. It would be wonderful to hear that HIM has been a great influence, but so far none of these constellations has admitted to it.

- What is the most embarrassing thing you have done on stage?
- Acted like a rockstar - drunk and convinced that I own the world. It's so embarrassing. You have to learn how to laugh at yourself, so I don't feel any regret. I have never puked on stage and my pants hasn't broken. To be too drunk is, though, too bad.

- I have heard that you were bullied when you were in school, is that right?
- Not at all. I was a big fucking moron who bullied people. I let the small kids suffer. My friends looked up to me and they were bullied, not me. I was a bad person, even though it was not about serious stuff. Because of the surroundings I grew up in I mostly hung around older guys who taught me all the stupid things one can do.



villeviolencevilleviolence on April 21st, 2005 02:47 pm (UTC)
ville valo lolipop for you!
he was a bully? he still is a bully, the way he treats gas and mige. heard he was horrible to zoltan,or some other ex band member. still sexy though...
_susanna_: snakes_susanna_ on April 21st, 2005 02:58 pm (UTC)
yeah, he was but Zoltan wasn`t an angel... :P

btw, I added you ^^,
raven_harlow on April 21st, 2005 03:11 pm (UTC)
I don't like that "gas is fat" jokes at all. Pisses me off when he makes fun of Gase's weight. Look at Ville- he has a tiny penis so go figure! Even Ville says it! *LOL*
villeviolencevilleviolence on April 21st, 2005 07:17 pm (UTC)
it pisses me off also!! and gas doesn't say shit about ville, atleast not on interviews!!! it makes me mad. people keep saying gas is nice and kind. one interview said that gas and ville were getting into alot of fights together that gas had to resist the urge to hit ville. i like ville's face, but i wouldn't mind it sporting a black eye for a little while.
villeviolencevilleviolence on April 21st, 2005 07:20 pm (UTC)
but i stille wove wille wallo (despite the wittler wille wallo amongst other things lol), that bastard.
_susanna_: love_susanna_ on April 21st, 2005 07:37 pm (UTC)
speaking of black eyes... was it just a coincident that Ville had a bruises on his arms some time ago?
villeviolencevilleviolence on April 22nd, 2005 08:44 am (UTC)
ooooooooh... what bruise?? jonna getting to excited or a band member getting less patient?

by the way, didn't ville's grandma say he is related to dracula? if memory serves me correctly, dracula had some sort of bone disease, (if not bone something else) that was very painfull added to his insanity/ bad temperment (he killed his son by accident). do you think that disease is hereditary? lol
_susanna_: violate_susanna_ on April 22nd, 2005 10:13 am (UTC)
I think he had a blood disease and some mental problems. he was very cruel and loved to kill people with very cruel and painful way. and yes this blood disease is hereditary, but no worries Ville isn`t related to dracula (that`s what he said)
and now about bruises
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
his arm

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
face *shock*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
arm again

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
hip nah, just kidding, it`s only the lighting :P
villeviolencevilleviolence on April 22nd, 2005 04:33 pm (UTC)
good eye!
i dunno about the rest ( barely see them, if i do), but the first one seems to be the result of being...u'know... "man handled". the position and orientation of the bruise, also there seem to look like thumb prints. ville is known to get drunk... so you know.

the second is kinda old... maybe good'ol susanna! she was the only one that could kick ville's ass!! however hot it may be. but i can't see the bruise.
villeviolencevilleviolence on April 22nd, 2005 04:47 pm (UTC)
"hip nah, just kidding, it`s only the lighting :P"

must take off pants to make sure!! i mean u know... and kiss the maybe-booboo, so as to prevent it from becoming a booboo.

who's with me??!?!
villeviolencevilleviolence on April 24th, 2005 12:33 am (UTC)
*looks around scared* nobody wants ville pants... muahahahahaha! so they are mine! all mine!! just as soon as i peel jonna off... meh... tough shit, need scraper.
raven_harlow on April 22nd, 2005 12:03 pm (UTC)
Mige finally decided to kick Ville's ass!
_susanna_: love_susanna_ on April 22nd, 2005 12:21 pm (UTC)
somehow I think it`s more like Zoltan...
raven_harlow on April 22nd, 2005 12:15 pm (UTC)
A little kick in the ass would do Ville go from time to time. Gas is such a sweetheart.
_susanna_: violate_susanna_ on April 21st, 2005 02:59 pm (UTC)
thanks for posting *hugs*
was fun to read about Placebo :P
raven_harlow on April 21st, 2005 03:12 pm (UTC)
You're welcome : )
mandarindecrepit on April 21st, 2005 03:08 pm (UTC)
thanks for posting that! i was really entertained and distracted from how much work sucks for a little while :)
raven_harlow on April 21st, 2005 03:11 pm (UTC)
You're welcome. Yeah I know, school and work suck.
oo_bella_oo on April 21st, 2005 05:41 pm (UTC)
Have I ever mentioned I LOVE your posts?
They're always so interesting and contain great pictures.

Thanks so much for posting.
raven_harlow on April 22nd, 2005 12:18 pm (UTC)
You're welcome : )
_romanesque on April 21st, 2005 08:42 pm (UTC)
Hm. not bisexual. Haha

That takes all the fun out of it :P