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Valo Daily

A HIM Community

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A Community dedicated to the band HIM
Valo Daily on facebook - http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_220918031256046&ap=1

The Commandments of Consolation and Warmth

For the appreciation of Ville Hermanni Valo, singer, musician and songwriter of the Finnish love metal band HIM and his bandmates: Mikko "Mige" Paananen, Mikko "Linde" Lindstrom, Janne "Burton" Puurtinen and Mika "Gas" Karppinen. Talented musicians and all helluva great guys.

Our community is open to anyone for browsing, but only members may post. Joining is simple and free, just create an account at LiveJournal (important: please validate your email address with LiveJournal before applying to join the community), then click on the link above.

Video taken from Lori and Sue's interview on 8th May 2010 in New York

I. Our origins are a Ville Valo picture community...

...so please post pictures, artwork, videos and graphics. Over the years the community has grown and developed, so while the front page should be dedicated to a picture of Ville, anything else, for example multiple pictures, news, reviews, interviews, animated gifs and messages, should go behind an lj-cut. And to do this - when you compile your entry, choose the HTML tag and use this code -

<lj-cut text="name of your cut">
place image code here

II. Be respectful: we trust to your judgement when making contributions, however as a general guideline here are some of our expectations:-

* your post should be HIM related, remember this is not your personal journal.
* the front page picture should be no wider than 600px.
* please try to limit yourself to one post in a day - especially picspams. If you have posted already and something new comes up - it is ok to post more than once.
* when there is something new happening, please check back a few posts to make sure it hasn't already been posted.
* text in posts and comments should be understood by all.
* avoid making posts or comments that are likely to be hurtful or cause offense.
* fan-girly posts (i.e. dedicated to Ville's body parts, etc.) or anything not work safe or sexual in nature must be posted members only.

If you have any difficulties at all or need clarification, please email (valo_daily@livejournal.com) or private message one of us and we will gladly help.

III. Do not hotlink. Host the photos using your own account on http://www.photobucket.com or http://tinypic.com/, they're free and easy to use.

IV. Do not make posts or comments which attack other people. All shades of opinion are welcome but it's not the place for gratuitous arguments, if you have a problem with the community or a member please get in contact with us by Private Message or by email. Honest opinions and discussion are encouraged but abuse will not be tolerated.

V. If a rule is broken then your post will be deleted, that's all. Membership won't be withdrawn unless you deliberately and persistently break the rules, i.e. if you're here to cause trouble; and you will be given warnings beforehand.

VI. Important: taking someone else's work from anywhere on the internet without their permission and without giving credit for their ownership is against copyright law. Please credit the owner of a photo if you know their name, usually it's the photographer or an agency, that way we're at least covered by the 'fair use' application of copyright law.

VII. When posting news, please cite reputable sources.

VIII. Show Him Your Love ~ do not share music downloads or files from HIM albums in this community; Respect His Privacy ~ do not post stalkerish type videos or photos of his family or his home; and use your common sense - don't spread silly rumours

IX. Fan fiction and slash should not be posted.. We're a fact and news orientated community so stories and slash discussions are best posted at one of the many fiction communities on livejournal. Also, this is not a marketplace so buying and/or selling are not allowed. Community promotions are at the discretion of the moderators, please ask first.


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With thanks to:

scarymissmady for the Christmas header
Design-Maker for the Different Pattern used as background
The icon makers for our Christmas icons

xmormallorxMad Hatter icon
realitydistortd for the layout and header
renegade for the Valo Daily icon
ashleigh_713 for her generous donations (2 of them!)
spiral_raven for 100% addicted

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